23rd April 2024
 Roger Groos
Holistic Health Practitioner

Phone: 01271 870436
Email: rogerwj@ncch.co.uk
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Therapies #01


HOLISTIC HEALTH PRACTICE - Roger uses a wide range of therapeutic means to assist healing, or re-balancing, of the mind-body-spirit.
In the first instance, a detailed case history is taken to discover family history, health history, lifestyle, diet and preferences and to determine if further tests are necessary.
Based on clinical experience, Roger will then formulate an action plan with you to re-establish equilibrium - this may be simple dietary manipulation, or involve working on organ systems, performing seasonal cleansing regimes or using some of the therapies listed below. Personalised written recommendations are given for every patient.

Therapies #02
  • DIET - "Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food" (Hippocates). It is not surprising that what we eat, when we eat it, how well we digest and absorb it, how we regulate and metabolise it and how we eliminate the resulting waste has a profound effect upon our health and wellbeing.
    Dietary manipulation and Nutritional Therapy is often the cornerstone of a long-term self-help approach. Roger does not favour extreme diets, but tries to work within the patients' preferences, giving individual eating plans to restore wellbeing.

  • Therapies #03
  • SUPPLEMENTS - We are all biochemically individual and have varying needs of essential compounds (the best source being a natural diet), but claims made for many supplements are excessive. After years of clinical practice of Nutritional Therapy, Roger adopts a "light-touch" approach, making step-by-step prescriptions only if indicated.

  • Therapies #04
  • HERBS - With his knowledge of Botany and past work in the herbal industry, Roger has much respect for herbs, and prescribes them for a number of conditions where they have proven efficacy.

  • Therapies #05
  • LIFESTYLE - Many health conditions are due to our way of life (stress!). Stress counselling, stress-reducing techniques and basic lifestyle advice all enter into the equation of health & wellbeing.

  • Therapies #06
  • CLEANSING - One of the basics of the naturopathic approach is to eliminate toxins from the body. Roger recommends a range of measures, carried out between the Spring and Autumn equinoxes, including mono-diets, half and full fasts, colonic hydrotherapy, skin brushing, saunas, etc., if indicated.

  • METABOLIC TYPING - Based on work by Pottinger, Kelly and others, this assesses an individual for their metabolic type (sympathetic or parasympathetic dominant, fast or slow metaboliser). Roger uses the assay method involving a mini-glucose tolerance test; it is however time-consuming, and is used only occasionally for unresponsive or difficult cases.

  • COLONIC HYDROTHERAPY - An important cleansing technique. see separate web page.

  • Therapies #07
  • REFLEXOLOGY - Roger has practised this for over 20 years, combining a simple-to-use-anywhere touch therapy with his physiological approach. Reflex zone therapy helps to rebalance the energy flowing within the body, and is effective for a large number of disorders, particularly stress and anxiety.

  • Therapies #08
  • MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE - Roger practises the Vodder technique, a specific therapy he uses for lymphoedema (lymphostatic oedema), although it can be used for a number of conditions. Roger has treated many post-op. patients at the North Devon Hospice with MLD.

  • Therapies #09
  • CLINICAL TESTS - These are reserved for cases where the approach is not obvious, or where further data is required. These may involve sputum, blood, stool, urine or hair samples, and are ordered through Geneva Diagnostics. Alternatively, a referral back to your GP may be made.

  • CONSTITUTIONAL HYDROTHERAPY - A simple but very effective way of promoting healing using water at different temperatures and for varying durations; including water affusions, baths, poultices, wraps and compresses.
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