23rd April 2024
 Roger Groos
Holistic Health Practitioner

Phone: 01271 870436
Email: rogerwj@ncch.co.uk
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Colonic Hydrotherapy. ROGERCH2


This is an integral part of a modern naturopathic approach, and has its origins in the Near & Far East and South America; it was used until the 1970's in hospitals prior to bowel surgery.

Modern Colonic hydrotherapy, or irrigation, is mainly used for three reasons:
  • Primary bowel problems (Constipation, IBS types A,C and D)
  • Problems secondary to bowel problems, such as arthritis, asthma, any skin, bladder or lung problems.
  • De-toxing, or Cleansing, in association with other dietary and lifestyle measures e.g. during structured fasts, when improving diet or alongside other therapies such as nutritional therapy, homoeopathy, herbalism or massage.

    Roger has been practising Colonic Hydrotherapy for over 30 years, being a founder member of ARCH, and is a senior lecturer in this therapy, teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He has been partly responsible for re-designing modern equipment, and has written extensively on the subject for both books and periodicals, and has broadcast on radio.

    Colonic Irrigation is a simple process with an unfortunate stigma attached; it is not painful, it is safe, it is extremely effective and produces rapid results; when coupled with self-help measures, it can produce truly life-changing results.

    Roger uses both gravity and machine systems for teaching, but prefers to use gravity in his Bridgwater clinic, since he believes it gives better diagnostics and results. He firmly does not recommend self-administered open colonic irrigation systems which have a chequered history and were designed specifically for the US market.

    For further information, please contact Roger or see www.colonic-association.org/faq.html
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